2 Tips to a Perfect Omelet

By this point I think it’s clear that I love eggs and everything breakfast inspired. So, here are two tips to help you make an omelet that may spark some love of your own!

Here are the ingredients:

  • 2 eggs beaten with 1 Tbs water and 1 tsp Penzey’s Sunny Paris Seasoning
  • 4 Asparagus stalks sliced cross-wise
  • 3 Aidells Chicken & Apple Mini Sausage, cut into rounds
  • 1 Slice Deli Swiss
  • 1 cup baby arugula

The first big tip is to saute any appropriate ingredient not only to get a good looking brown but also to help heat your omelet from the inside. After the sausage is warm and asparagus is starting to soften set to the side and continue to use this one pan.

The next tip is to not worry so much about keeping your ingredients to half the pan in preparation for flipping your omelet. After the eggs have just started to set in the pan I layered in the sauteed sausage and asparagus followed by the slice of Swiss and topped with arugula. Once it comes time to flip, push your omelet into the rounded edge of your pan with a large spatula. As you flip allow all your ingredients inside to shift and use that spatula to press the whole thing down into a perfect omelet crescent!

I know that’s not the clearest explanation but I swear, use that rounded edge and you’ll get a perfect omelet every time!

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Sweet Accomplishment

Last night I finally finished the 8 throw pillow covers that comprise my first ever Etsy collection! After I get the shipping costs figured out I’ll launch the store, hopefully later this week!

When I saw the pile of 5 covers above, basking in the warm sunset light, I couldn’t help but take a picture. Unfortuantely the same light posed quite a challenge for the attempted product shoot!

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Have I finally found it?

Could this be the piece to fill my naked living room wall?

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Chicken Wrap Quesadilla

Similar to my reinterpreted ham and swiss wrap, this version with honey mustard, deli sliced chicken, swiss and spinach definitely pleased. With a side of carrot chips and hummus in the background my lunch was made!

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The Quest for the Perfect File Cabinet

While I admit searching for the perfect file cabinet is not the sexiest furniture shopping around, sometimes it’s a necessary evil. I have been going back and forth on getting a file cabinet/drawer combo since I moved in back in the fall. My desk is by far the least organized of everything, I see it as the final frontier in becoming an adult – getting all those old bills filed!

One of the reasons I haven’t moved forward with a file cabinet is that I simply have yet to find one that I like enough. For such a utilitarian object I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised there is not a lot of variety – these are the best styles I’ve found:

The Classic Pedestal: There are many versions of cabinets that can be used alone or combined with other pieces to form a desk, console or wall of storage. Although I am a fan of the modular desk idea, I think a pedestal can look a little odd on its own in a room, which is what I’m looking for.

Ballard Designs: Original Home Office™ 3-Drawer File Cabinet $189

The Classic Chest: The next most standard style I found is mission or traditional style chest cabinets, usually with only one drawer – low and inconspicuous.

Crate & Barrel: Landon Filing Cabinet $229

Modern Home Office: While tempered glass and clean lines are appealing, I imagine it would be difficult to incorporate this look into an open layout (like a studio apartment). However for a sleek, and quite masculine look, this style could really transform a home office.

Crate & Barrel: Drake Filing Cabinet $299

Retro-School House Vibe: I was surprised I didn’t see more in this style, CB2 has the market nearly cornered for quirky-bright-industrial.

CB2: TPS chartreuse file cabinet: $149

Uber-Mod: No review is complete without a quick visit to the world of modern metal…personally, not really my style.

Design Within Reach: cBox Single Drawer $495

Real Retro: Of all of my searching, the coolest thing I found was Retro Office. This company refurbishes vintage steel office furniture with the pop-art colors of your choosing!

Retro Office: McDowell Craig Vintage Steel Vertical File Cabinet $399

Even more awesome than their file cabinets are the vintage tank desks! These are completely customizable, you could even make it a rainbow if you actually wanted. They even have a color changer to help you design your steel masterpiece that is quite fun to play with!

Retro Office: Steelcase Vintage Steel Petite Tank Desk $1,864.00

Unfortunately it seems my quest for the perfect file cabinet is still on – envelope files will have to be good enough for a little while longer…

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Closet Upgrade

As I have mentioned before, my new/current apartment has great closets (for NYC): I have a clothes closet by my bathroom as well as a coat closet by the front door opposite a massive 3 door closet that is divided into 1 section of shelves and 2 sections of hanging. Shown below, those two hanging sections are divided into “utility” and off season & special occasion clothes. Yes, I am very spoiled!

Of course closet space is only as good as the storage within it and although my utility closet has always been functional, I’ve known that I can do better.

One day I received yet another new catalogue in the mail – almost in-flight shopping in style Improvements featured a rolling pantry rack on the front cover followed by many pages of fanny-pack replacements. On sale and the perfect size for my utility closet I knew I had finally found the upgrade my storage situation needed!

My trick to make sure the shelves are placed at useful heights is to place common objects on the shelf you think it will live on before determining the height of the shelf above. This quick trick can save you lots of frustration when your detergent is just too tall!

Although the cart came with the option of 6 shelves I decided that I prefer 5 set at taller heights, so the 6th metal shelf went out with the recycling. Never be afraid to adapt things this way. There is no reason to live with with the way the product was pictured if it isn’t useful to you!

In the end the new rack was a huge upgrade for my closet! As you can see I am now storing much more on the new rack then I did on the old shelves. The increased space allowed me to consolidate all of the miscellaneous storage from around the apartment – a very satisfying improvement!

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