That came frozen?!

This isn’t my first time raving about Fresh Direct and I am sure it won’t be my last! This time I’m impressed by one of their frozen meals, Bay Scallop and Vegetable Risotto. Fresh Direct is known for their freshly made 4-minute meals but this kind arrives frozen and can be stashed away for the next time you’re desperately in need of a delivery alternative!

I should be honest, the photo above only shows about 2/3 of the meal – after scarfing the first portion I realized it was fantastic enough for a photo and forced myself to pause. For my taste it is the perfect proportion of vegetables, scallops and rice. Best of all it has a great mix of fresh vegetables – fire-roasted corn,  asparagus, fava beans & Romanesco cauliflower – that balance out the richness of the risotto and give a good variety of textures. At $7.99 they are a treat and a great alternative for times when you would otherwise have really splurged!

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