Newest Catalog Find: Wisteria

If catalogs are any indication of the economy I would say things are looking up! I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of catalogs I receive on a daily basis in the past 2 months. Among the masses there are tons of standards as well as a few new companies – or at least new to me! The catalog that most recently caught my eye is Wisteria.

Wisteria is new to me and I am so delighted to have found them! I am absolutely loving their style and how they dress their layouts – look at the beautiful living room above! I also love how so many of their products have a found or vintage feel while still maintaining classic style sensibilities. While the prices are honestly out of my range, there is no cost for window shopping and looking for inspiration!

Here are some of the things I am lusting over the most:

This Chinese Chippendale Chair, shown above in teal also comes in black and white ($349).

I absolutely adore this coffee table! At almost 4′ square it is quite huge and I love the paneled and two tier design. ($699)

I love these Happiness Pots ($199 for set of 3) and the Chinese Toile Ceramic Stool ($199) in the foreground! Wisteria also has a Blue and White Flourish Bowl ($19) and a Blue and White Porcelain Strainer ($19) that I’ve totally got my eye on!

Lastly, this Weathered Window Pane ($249) was the show-stopper that really got me to consider Wisteria. I have been on a very uninspired search to fill the big, empty, main wall in my living room and I think this might be the idea to do it! Of course I intend on searching out my own glassless window pane to distress and hang – but Wisteria gets the credit for the idea!

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