My name is Lili, and I do consider myself to be a modern anomaly.

Why – because I’m equal parts driven by the joys of traditional homemaking and the challenges of a career-driven Manhattanite.

Upon graduation from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, I jumped right into a career as an Advertising Executive in New York City. Now an Account Director, I’ve had the privilege of driving brand strategy & campaign development for major products ranging from telecom to pharmaceuticals. Starting on paper in complex direct mail and having moved into the digital era of site development & mobile sites, SEM/SEO & display; always with strong base in “traditional” TV, print & radio.

No matter how busy it is at the office, I find relaxation and fulfillment in going home to cook, decorate, entertain, sew and craft – I will always be hungry to try new things. A bit of a domestic rebel, I often take it beyond experimenting in the kitchen, to testing recipes at the dinner party and cutting without properly measuring (must get better about that).

My history of blogging has waxed and waned, both on this site and my previous attempt http://tablesup.tumblr.com/, from 2008-2009.  While I love sharing ideas, updates, and I hope the occasional domestic inspiration; I’ve always struggled with how much I feel comfortable sharing. Entertaining is a true form of being “social” and a dinner party menu is best appreciated with the context of “who” and “why”. So as date nights go to single-ladies valentines day dinners, you can’t help but see the story line.

While blog posts may come and go sporadically, staying in touch with friends shouldn’t. Please use the contact form below if you’d like to be in touch:

All the best,


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  1. Jonathan Bitting says:

    great job

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