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It’s starting to look like Valentine’s….

The table for tonight’s Single Ladies Valentine’s Day Dinner – it’s coming along!

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Party Central

It’s been quite a whirlwind these past 24 hours, I’m in the heart of pre-party chaos! It’s still too far out to say how I’m doing on timing, but I am feeling good about how frequently I’ve been crossing things … Continue reading

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This is why I love throwing parties and why I love my friends! My friend Kate’s reaction to a sneak peek of the Superbowl menu:

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Just because you bought it for yourself why can’t it be a present? I think it can. I do a lot of my shopping online, more than the average person. I think this is partially from going to a rural … Continue reading

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Wow, look at those cool tabs!

(Look up in the black) Yea, those tabs there! I added tabs to the menu that link to the category archives. Why did I do that – to make your viewing of this wonderful blog even easier! Say you only … Continue reading

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Gotta try a Minneola!

I love most everything about Fresh Direct. I am a huge fan and highly recommend it to every New Yorker. Since I have started buying from Fresh Direct, I have found myself much more adventurous in trying new fruits and … Continue reading

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I love my WeWOOD Watch!

I am so excited about my new watch! It’s made out of the wood from the red wing celtis tree, which is often used for flooring. And although it’s big on my wrist, because it is made out of wood … Continue reading

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My Favorite Teas

I will be the first to say that I consume an above average amount of tea and I see nothing wrong with it! Tea is relatively cheap and much healthier anything I would be drinking as an alternative. I have … Continue reading

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Jimmy/Jerry/Jury Rigged – what is it called?

My father kindly pointed out to me that in my paperwhite maintenance post I say “Jimmy-rigged”, which isn’t the right term. So I looked it up! The correct term is “Jury rigged” and it actually has an interesting origin: Jury … Continue reading


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The First Paperwhite!

I am always so excited for the first Paperwhite of winter to bloom! The little, wonderfully scented flowers always give me optimism for spring (even when it is months away). It’s such a shame that the first bloom came on … Continue reading

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