My Favorite Teas

I will be the first to say that I consume an above average amount of tea and I see nothing wrong with it! Tea is relatively cheap and much healthier anything I would be drinking as an alternative. I have even replaced most morning’s coffee with tea – unless it is a real I need coffee kind of day! To celebrate my second favorite beverage (seltzer is #1 and I’m discounting anything with alcohol) I’ve complied all of my favorite types together into this one post.

Morning Tea:

Mate Factor’s “Tropical Lime” (sometimes called Hibiscus Lime): I love this tea, I have had it every single morning since Ice Coffee season ended. (On those must-have-coffee mornings I have both this tea and coffee.) The reasons I love it are plenty: it is extremely flavorful, naturally sweet and brews strong very quickly (with it’s no-tag construction I throw it into my travel mug and let it live there until the cup it done). Best of all, Yerba Mate is very energizing and filled with antioxidants. Read more about the nutritional benefits for Yerba Mate here.

Afternoon Tea:

Yogi Teas: Yogi tea is one of my favorite brands, I have tried dozens of their varieties and have loved nearly all of them. Their “Stomach Ease” single-handedly got me through a flu last winter! My two favorite varieties are “Kava Stress Relief” and “Green Tea Muscle Recovery“.

Kava Stress Relief is simply heavenly! It is warm and rich with spices and cinnamon. It is caffeine-free so it is a good choice for late in the afternoon.

Green Tea Muscle Recovery is a caffeinated green tea, so it is better for an afternoon pick-me-up. It has a fruity taste but is not as sweet as the Tropical Lime Mate. Originally called “Active Body” I do find that it can reduce soreness and aches from either your morning workout or craning your neck over the computer screen.

Pukka “Refresh”: With tea, like wine (or books), I often choose new varieties based on their packaging. This brand has by far the most aesthetically appealing design of anyone, in my opinion. For that reason, I bought it – and boy am I glad I did! The “Refresh” tea is light and dare-I-say refreshing, while still having enough flavor and dimension to stay interesting. It is caffeine free and best after lunch (the peppermint in it is great for digestion)!

Chocolate Tea:

That’s right ladies, I said chocolate! I will admit that I crave something sweet after a meal – chocolate tea can be a great alternative!

Guayaki “Mate Chocolatte”: Guayaki is the original Yerba Mate brand in my eyes. Their chocolate mate is honestly not very chocolaty – it has lots of spices that make it dense and a little smokey. It does contain caffeine so it’s better after lunch than after dinner.

Mighty Leaf “Chocolate Mint Truffle”: This is the real deal in chocolate teas. Thick and almost creamy this tea is a dream! With the hints of mint giving dimension, a cup of this is almost as good as real chocolate!

Night Time Tea:

Pukka “Night Time”: Again, I decided to try Pukka based on the packaging and was completely delighted by the product! With chamomile and lavender it makes me immediately sleepy. Best of all it brews thick and flavorful to further lull you to your sheets.

Although these are my favorites, I continue to try and devour new teas constantly and will be sure to share any new gems as they are discovered – happy brewing!

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