Gotta try a Minneola!

I love most everything about Fresh Direct. I am a huge fan and highly recommend it to every New Yorker. Since I have started buying from Fresh Direct, I have found myself much more adventurous in trying new fruits and vegetables. One of which is the Minneloa Tangelo – sometimes called the Honeybell. Highlighted as a “President’s Pick” (read, on sale) I decided to give it a try based on the description provided:

The Minneola is a cross between the sugared spiciness of a tangerine and the zippy tartness of a pomelo (a relative of the grapefruit). The juice is sweet and sour, and the uniquely bell-shaped stem end makes the Minneola a dream to peel.

Let me tell you, the Minneola is all that and more! With a super thick rind the fruit inside is incredibly delicate and juicy – it melts in your mouth more than any citrus I’ve ever had. Best of all – no seeds!

Image Courtesy of Fresh Direct.

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