Lazy Sunday Omelet

To me there is nothing more delightful or rewarding than a classic Sunday brunch! It feels so all-American to take some time on Sunday to slow down and enjoy a protein packed brunch along side your paper.

This Sunday I was transported with the help of Applegate Farm’s Chicken and Sage Breakfast Sausage. These guys come frozen and fully cooked – so all you have to do is warm them up in the microwave, or my preferred method, in a pan with your choice of veggies (chopped asparagus).

Per my usual omelet method, I pulled out the sauteed ingredients and laid down my omelet base. Instead of adding Sunny Paris or another blend of spices to the egg mix I decided to go straight old-school and let the sage sausage really shine! In addition to asparagus and sausage the only other ingredient was a sprinkle of crumbled feta cheese to add some creaminess as well as a little bit of bite.

Using my favorite edge of the pan trick and voilĂ , a lovely little omelet!

It’s amazing how flavors and smells can create an experience or bring back a memory. To me that is the biggest reason to take the time for classic Sunday brunch – what better way to end the week than to slow down and take a trip back in time!

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