The many uses for Vogue

First I’ll say that I love magazines! I probably subscribe to too many, as I never have enough time to read them and they seem to constantly pile up. It turns out, almost without realizing it, I have started using magazines around the house for more than just reading.

I would also like to say that I consider myself decently handy. Although I also recognize that nearly every project I embark on includes some “mistake” for which I found a creative (and usually less than stable) solution. This is how magazines became incorporated around my apartment.

That’s right, my TV sits on 3 Vogue magazines – and it has been like that for over a year already. See my wonderful new (Christmas 2009) flat screen TV was too wide for the sides of my family’s old TV cart. Instead of declaring defeat (or the need for new furniture), I grabbed 3 Vogue’s from the shelf to lift to TV up and allow the it to clear the sides. An easy solve to a household dilemma.

Another household dilemma came when my new bedside table arrived. As you can see my studio’s “bedroom” set up is very tight and to make matters worse, the heater is also right there. Typical of NYC apartments, the floorboards are not entirely level, especially against outer walls and the heater. So, when I put the new table in place it was horribly wobbly! As a initial reaction I grabbed another Vogue off the stack and slid it under – a perfect fit!

I agree that picture is comical – as is the solution. But hey, if no one can see it – why not?! Save yourself some stress and just grab an old Vogue!

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