The Quest for the Perfect File Cabinet

While I admit searching for the perfect file cabinet is not the sexiest furniture shopping around, sometimes it’s a necessary evil. I have been going back and forth on getting a file cabinet/drawer combo since I moved in back in the fall. My desk is by far the least organized of everything, I see it as the final frontier in becoming an adult – getting all those old bills filed!

One of the reasons I haven’t moved forward with a file cabinet is that I simply have yet to find one that I like enough. For such a utilitarian object I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised there is not a lot of variety – these are the best styles I’ve found:

The Classic Pedestal: There are many versions of cabinets that can be used alone or combined with other pieces to form a desk, console or wall of storage. Although I am a fan of the modular desk idea, I think a pedestal can look a little odd on its own in a room, which is what I’m looking for.

Ballard Designs: Original Home Office™ 3-Drawer File Cabinet $189

The Classic Chest: The next most standard style I found is mission or traditional style chest cabinets, usually with only one drawer – low and inconspicuous.

Crate & Barrel: Landon Filing Cabinet $229

Modern Home Office: While tempered glass and clean lines are appealing, I imagine it would be difficult to incorporate this look into an open layout (like a studio apartment). However for a sleek, and quite masculine look, this style could really transform a home office.

Crate & Barrel: Drake Filing Cabinet $299

Retro-School House Vibe: I was surprised I didn’t see more in this style, CB2 has the market nearly cornered for quirky-bright-industrial.

CB2: TPS chartreuse file cabinet: $149

Uber-Mod: No review is complete without a quick visit to the world of modern metal…personally, not really my style.

Design Within Reach: cBox Single Drawer $495

Real Retro: Of all of my searching, the coolest thing I found was Retro Office. This company refurbishes vintage steel office furniture with the pop-art colors of your choosing!

Retro Office: McDowell Craig Vintage Steel Vertical File Cabinet $399

Even more awesome than their file cabinets are the vintage tank desks! These are completely customizable, you could even make it a rainbow if you actually wanted. They even have a color changer to help you design your steel masterpiece that is quite fun to play with!

Retro Office: Steelcase Vintage Steel Petite Tank Desk $1,864.00

Unfortunately it seems my quest for the perfect file cabinet is still on – envelope files will have to be good enough for a little while longer…

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