Apartment Tour: Bedroom Makeover

I have been promising several of my friends that I will do an “apartment tour” to show off my new digs – even though I actually moved at the end of September so they are hardly “new” anymore! So, after I spontaneously reorganized my bedroom this weekend, I realized it would be the perfect place to start!

Of course even “bedroom” is a stretch because I live in a studio – although this studio does have small alcove!

This is my “bedroom” before. The alcove is only about 4′ deep so I had the bed on a far wall, against the windows.  The walkway was  created with the back of the couch as well as two bookshelves: 1 short, 1 tall.

The after “bedroom”! With the simple shift of putting the headboard against the wall, the whole space – and the whole apartment – feels different! Not only does it feel bigger with all of the windows exposed but I also have much more room for a proper bureau – which will go in the alcove corner to the left, the area deliberately cut out of the photo! I did move the bookshelves about 4″ to the right, but that was only to allow enough room around the end of the bed to be able to make it without driving myself crazy!

Beyond the improvement to the layout of my apartment and the wonderful view out the window I now get from my bed, this change also brought major functionality improvements! Before I had to walk down what basically was a long hallway to my bed – while I initially was ecstatic to have so much space in my new place I enjoyed walking those 15 steps, I realize now how much better this is. Also, as you can see from the above photo, my bedside table hardly fit in the small space so I couldn’t really take advantage of all of the storage it can provide (or pull out the drawer properly!).

Now my bedroom feels open and bright – the next steps will be to finish the space. On my list is: bureau, rug and curtains to hang over the two left windows for better light, noise and draft protection. So many fun things to look forward to!

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