Oh, the difference a knob can make!

One of the problems with renting apartments is that management companies, as a rule, don’t pay much attention to the details. With that said, one of my favorite parts of “nesting” into a new apartment is putting some love into all of those forgotten details! One of my first and favorite improvements is in the knobs!

Changing the knobs on anything from your kitchen cabinets, closet doors or the drawers of an old inherited dresser not only gives a personal touch but can also provide a huge face lift for relatively small amount of elbow grease!

In my kitchen I replaced the standard shiny gold knobs with these classic birdcage knobs. Not only did the upgrade change the feel of the space but I love how the tapered ends can be used as “finger pulls” when 4 out of 5 fingers are dirty with whatever I’m cooking. When taking on a large scale knob-change (I needed 18 for my whole kitchen!) I recommend using your best Google skills to find them at a discount.

When looking to replace only a few knobs, I think that you have much more of an opportunity to really go crazy and indulge in a pricier upgrade. My favorite place to look is at Athropologie – I found both the knobs above, which are in my front hall, as well as my closet knobs (below) there this past fall. Although, understandably not everyone’s style, I love their whimsy – often vintage – look.

For a more classic upscale look Restoration Hardware can be a good place to start your search (thanks Ashley for the recommendation)!

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1 Response to Oh, the difference a knob can make!

  1. Cat says:

    LOVE the anthropologie knobs! so unique. cant wait to see them on wednesday!

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