First Tip/Trick: Binder Clips!

One of my ideas for this new blog is to share tips and tricks. I do pride myself on being a “queen of efficiency” both in terms of time and in making the best use of the things I already have. I don’t think there is much excuse to be wasteful: of time, energy or things  – so I’ll make sure to share all of my discoveries as I pursue the quest to be The Queen of Efficiency!

So on to the first trick: Binder clips! Binder clips are probably the most common item found in my kitchen. I use them to close just about everything. For those of us that work in corporate offices they are (ahem) **free** and otherwise are very inexpensive. Best of all, they are hearty enough to stand up to daily use and the freezer – just take a look at mine!

(PS: I’m on a smoothie kick – to explain the rediculous quantity of frozen fruit)

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