Satur Farms

Dear Satur Farms,

This is the 3rd clamp shell of greens that I have purchased, from varying outlets, which has been at least 1/3 rotted and un-usable. The most recent clamp shell was opened 7 days before the expiration date with the same result.

Now I understand that having made three purchases, expecting different outcomes, should simply teach me to never buy from them again – however I can’t get past my drive to buy local! When faced with the option to buy Earthbound Farms or Satur Farms I really do want to buy NY Local – except when your product disappoints.

Beyond disappointment, it is completely unacceptable for a $4+ box of salad greens to be bad a full week ahead of the stated expiration, require me to sift through and scrape the rotted bits off of the potentially edible bits, reducing the entire quantity down to less than 4oz.

Worse than the waste of my money and my time, you know what makes me really want to eat a salad? A handful of slimy, rotted lettuce bits and a pool of brown liquid in my hand (as I sift through trying to make said salad). Satur Farms, to add insult to injury – you also ruined my lunch.

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