Viva Terra

Since moving in October, I suddenly receive about 2x as many catalogs as I did at my last apartment – many of which I have never heard of, but do arrive with my name and address properly on the mailing label. I am curious what box I checked or didn’t check in the change of address process to have made this happen – although because I am mostly delighted by this development, I’m not too worried about it!

One of the new catalogs I recently received is Viva Terra “inspired green living”. As pulled from the “About us” section of their site:

Our name VivaTerra or living earth is inspired by our dedication to living in harmony with nature – for a healthier life now and for future generations. All of our products reflect a commitment to:

ecology and elegance: The finest goods that uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design with eco sensitivities.

organic, sustainable sources: The purest ingredients and sustainable resources possible – selected to be the best available.

earth and people friendly: Partners and suppliers who share our values and work to make a positive difference in the world.

handcrafted by artisans: Distinctive goods of uncommon value, handcrafted by passionate designers and artisans.

celebrate life: Celebrate life and human spirit by honoring traditions from cultures around the world.

They even offer “Climate-Friendly Shipping”, which allows you to balance the carbon emissions from the delivery of your purchase for only $1 – pretty cool!

Although I think their organic clothing and accessories leave much to be desired, there are several pieces for the home that really jump out to me as unique and awesome!

These Twisty Stools are hand carved in Thailand out of a single piece of monkeypod (raintree) wood. At 18″ and 23″ high they can be used as stools or side tables, alone or together – so beautiful and unique, especially for their reasonable price! (18″: $165; 23″: $195; Set of 2, 1 each: $319)

These Agate Plates and Coasters are simply fabulous! They are polished from Brazilian stones with the original stone edge kept intact (they also have rubber feet to protect your table). I personally prefer the teal to natural, for sure! (Plate: $65; Coasters, set of 4: $59)

Finally, I am totally enchanted by these Hawaiian Volcano Plants! Anthurium (shown above, a few other tropical plants and ferns are also available) is anchored in a native hand-selected porous rock, they have even been blessed by a Kahuna (Hawaiian spiritual leader) to bring joy and prosperity to their owners. ($55, Special through 2/10/11: $45)

Thank you USPS for introducing me to Viva Terra. I look forward to more discoveries in my mailbox and more gems from Viva Terra!

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